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The Best Fall Nail Polish for 2015


Let’s Welcome the Best Nail Polish for Fall!

Hi everyone!  I’m hoping that everybody is having a nice week. Now that cooler weather is here, it’s time to change our fashion mind-set.  The runways were full of classic navy blues and cool grays.  And what about warm neutral colors?  These are far from boring!  Check out this list of perfect autumn nail polishes for this season.

  1. SunKissed by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – This shimmery copper shade has the right amount of warmth and spice for the crisp weather.
  1. It’s Navy Baby by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – A deep metallic navy blue that adds the perfect balance for those cool dark nights.
  1. Sand in my Pants by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – This pale creamy beige polish can smooth out any look. Tip: Add a super shiny topcoat to neutrals for the perfect pop for your skin tone.
  1. Baby Daddy by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – This smoky gray neutral makes it easy to compliment all skin tones. It adds the right amount of elegance to your mani for those chilly days.
  1. Flo to the Joe by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – I love this neutral brown polish so much. It’s a caramel brown polish that is in perfect harmony with the current season.
  1. T.D.H. (Tall, Dark and Handsome) by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – If you love the smell and taste of chocolate cocoa, this is the best option for you. The earthy cocoa brown is very versatile for this time of year.

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