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Maryland Business Feature – Battle Stage Plays – Ursula V. Battle – September 2015

Maryland Business Feature – Ursula V. Battle – Battle Stage Plays

Hello everyone and welcome back!  Being a business owner can take you on a very interesting journey.  Sometimes, you may need to take a break and laugh a little.

With that being said, I’ll introduce you to an amazing journalist and stage play writer, Ursula V. Battle. She is the CEO and Founder of Battle Stage Plays.  I met her because she wrote the beautiful article in The Baltimore Times about my company.

It all started when Ursula and her mother saw the play Beauty Shop.  Afterwards, her mom said, ‘You should write a play about educators, people need to see that.’  That was the inspiration behind the first highly acclaimed production in 2002, ‘The Teacher’s Lounge.’  Last year, actress and singer D’Atra Hicks headlined the popular production. This play has been performed many times over the years because people simply love it!   When you visit the website, check out other plays, such as For Better or Worse, Widows in the Hood and Dischord in The Choir.

Ms. Battle’s plays are drawing sell-out crowds.  She thanks God for her loyal supporters, and all that they do to spread the word about her productions.

Ursula is a lover of the Bible and is determined to use her productions to send positive and encouraging messages…with a little comedy of course. Her motivation comes from hearing the laughter, seeing the tears and hearing the words of inspiration.  Her favorite scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:7, which says, ‘walk by faith, not by sight.’  These words keep her focused on God and everything else falls into place.

Future goals for Battle Stage Plays include touring her stage plays nationally, and offering salaries and internships to aspiring performers and volunteers.

Ursula has been dubbed as the ‘Female Tyler Perry.’  Well, I think she has rightly earned it!  Let’s support Battle Stage Plays newest production, My Big Phat Ghetto Wedding in December 19th and 20th 2015!   If you can’t make it to the play, support the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover developmental costs to take these awe-inspiring plays on the road.

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