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From the cubicle to the cuticle!

Hope all is well everybody!  I’m back to blogging again!

The title to this blog came from a young lady named Laurie who works at a luxury spa in Maryland.  When I heard it…I told her, “I’m going to use that!  I love it!”  It got me thinking about my different career and other local business owners who have the vision to succeed.  Have you thought about starting a business or going back to school?  Let me share some useful tips!

  1. Do your research.  These days, there is a wealth of information about anything you would like to do.  I started with just one word…nail polish…and built my business from there.  Read about other people who are already in the field and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments.  Keep notes and review them to see your progress.
  2. Attend business courses.  In Baltimore, there are many places to gain knowledge about banking, licenses, real estate and legal issues.  Take notes and network with other business-minded people that will attend.
  3. Be persistent.  I can’t stress this enough.  There will be obstacles, twists and turns that are unexpected.  There will be people that will give their input.  Some of the information can set you back.  Other times, it will be the push you need to go on.  Try to keep a steady pace and keep going.

Until next time…


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