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Nail Transfer Foil – Holo Pastel

6  Nail Foil Sheets
Abstract patterns



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Product Description

Package Contents:
Quantity: New Holo Transfer Nail Foils – 6 sheets
Size: 4*20cm
Beautiful, new and high quality product
Can be used for enamel or gel polishes
*Nail foil glue required for this product

How to use:
1. Prepare nails by clip, file and use acetone to remove oils from nail plates.
2. Apply base coat and dry.
3. Apply 2 coats of nail polish (darker colors are better) wait to dry.
4. Apply nail foil glue, (dry 2-3 minutes) cut a piece of foil and press on nail. (Use dull side on nail.)
5. Remove the foil and pattern should be applied to nail. If you desire more foil, repeat step 4.
6. Apply top coat for added protection and shine.

You can use multiple colors of foil…to add unique designs!

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz