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Hello world!

If you follow us on IG, then you know that we are taking Lenora Nail Colors on a new journey.  We have proudly sold out of our polishes to customers all over the country over the last few years.  Now, we are focused on offering nail care products and supplies to all nail artists!  Over the next few months, we will be building our online store to offer the latest nail art to our loyal customers.

We will continue to participate in various events and provide education regarding natural nail care.

Thanks so much for your support through this process!

Stay tuned!


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Get a Nail Tech for your next Event!

Hi everyone!

Hope that all of my blog supporters are enjoying the great weather.  This Spring has started off to be very busy for us. We had a wonderful time providing mini manicures at The Pink Event in Linthicum, Maryland.  We met so many entrepreneurs that gave us the push to keep going in building our brand.

Warmer weather means more celebrations of special events, corporate wellness, launch parties and employee appreciation.  Have you ever thought about treating your staff for a mani manicure day?  They will love it!  Also, assistant living, nursing homes and private residences are full of older ones who need safe manicure or pedicure services.  Why not get a professional nail technician to take care of this?

A professional nail service has several benefits.  It increases blood circulation, helps with skin dryness and is very relaxing.

Feel free to call Lenora Nail Colors today at (410) 599-6325 to schedule an appointment today.  (Baltimore and Baltimore County area)

Prices start at $65 per hour for special events.  3-4 mani manicures can be enjoyed per hour.  2 hours minimum to be book per event.


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5 Tips for Beautiful Nails

Hello to all!  As you know, nail care runs deep in my veins.  I love to share with my clients about safer products and the correct uses.  But first, we need to know the basics before we can achieve healthy feet and hands.

To get beautiful natural nails, follow these five easy tips.  

  1.  Use a less toxic nail polish.  Many polishes contain dangerous chemicals such as toluene and formaldehyde. But, some companies such as Lenora Nail Colors offer 5-free formulas as a safer alternative.  Please read the labels before buying any products for your nails.
  2. Drink plenty of water.  Water is good for so many things, including nails.  It can prevent brittleness and help with hydration.
  3. Moisturize several times a day, especially after hand washing.  Using hand sanitizer can be very drying to your skin and nails.  Before going to bed, I suggest applying cuticle oil on the nails and a heavy cream to keep your hands soft.
  4. Do not clip or pull on living skin.  This is so important.  I see clients that have gone to their local ‘chop shop’ and the skin is scarred, swollen and thick around the nail beds.  This could lead to dangerous infections and much pain.
  5. Take a break from nail polish.  Nail polish is still made with chemicals, so it wouldn’t hurt to skip enhancements or nail polish from time to time.  I personally love the buff to shine look for my nails.  You can see the condition of your fingernails and toenails and monitor any discoloration or disease.

To purchase a safer nail polish visit

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Smart Tips for your Small Business

Hello to everyone!  This month I wanted to share some business tips with other business owners that maybe starting out.  It can be a challenge to wear many hats as an owner of a small business.  You are the accountant, advertising manager, secretary and social media guru all wrapped up in one.  But, I want to list a few tips that can help you grow.

  1.  Be positive.  I personally know that this can be very tough at times.  You have to make decisions on a daily basis about your company.  Try to see the good…even through the bad times.  Keep climbing!
  2. Network with other businesses, friends and strangers.  I have received much business from talking to others about what I do and where I want to go.  You never know who will be your next loyal customer.
  3. Post on social media every single day.  My favorite is Instagram.  I can show pictures of my nail polishes, manicures, pedicures and happy customers.  It can show your personality and people can connect with your vision.
  4. Be original and stand out from your competition.  What makes your brand special?  Lenora Nail Colors is cruelty free and a vegan formula.  So, I had to let the world know!
  5. Be professional and friendly.  Rudeness and a bad attitude will hinder growth and business relationships.  You definitely don’t want a bad name, because the word will spread.

I’ll stop here for today.  Hope these five business tips can help you on your journey to success!

Until next time,


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Mobile Nail Tech in Baltimore!

Hello ya’ll!  This year is coming to a close.  Did you accomplish your positive goals…no matter what they were?  If not, don’t worry too much.  Push the reset button and get going for 2017!

I promised that when I got my license, that I would focus on providing nail services to others in their homes or office. Or, in other words, ‘Mobile nail technician on the go.’  My main focus are the elderly and infirm population.  I have to say that it’s very rewarding that this has become a reality.  The clients love to talk about old times and relax while I take care of their hands and feet.  It can be challenging at times, but it is truly special to be a mobile nail technician in the Baltimore area.  If you are interested in our natural nail services, please text or call (410) 599-6325.

Home or office manicures and pedicures require high levels of disinfection and sanitation to keep clients safe.  The fact of bringing the salon to you…provides a cozy and private experience for customers.  Also, someone told me that a mobile nail technician was featured on a recent episode of the very popular show, Empire.  I was shocked!  If you saw it, let us know!  We want to hear from you!

Until next time,



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Join us at The 7th Annual Pink Event 2017!

Hello all!  Hope all is well with everybody these days!  As a business owner in the beauty industry, I’m always searching for positive events to participate in.  This will help broaden your brand and continue a networking system for your company.

With that being said, Lenora Nail Colors will be offering complimentary and discounted manicure services at The Pink Event in March 5, 2017.  This is an annual expo event that focuses on women businesses, shopping and educating.  Anyone who purchases a ticket for this event will have access to the Pink Pamper Lounge.  Ladies…isn’t this nice!  Of course it is!

Most women barely take time to pamper and care for themselves…mentally and physically.  This event will give them time to focus on themselves and receive the latest news on several topics.  Get your tickets now!  Visit the website below for more details.






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From the cubicle to the cuticle!

Hope all is well everybody!  I’m back to blogging again!

The title to this blog came from a young lady named Laurie who works at a luxury spa in Maryland.  When I heard it…I told her, “I’m going to use that!  I love it!”  It got me thinking about my different career and other local business owners who have the vision to succeed.  Have you thought about starting a business or going back to school?  Let me share some useful tips!

  1. Do your research.  These days, there is a wealth of information about anything you would like to do.  I started with just one word…nail polish…and built my business from there.  Read about other people who are already in the field and learn from their mistakes and accomplishments.  Keep notes and review them to see your progress.
  2. Attend business courses.  In Baltimore, there are many places to gain knowledge about banking, licenses, real estate and legal issues.  Take notes and network with other business-minded people that will attend.
  3. Be persistent.  I can’t stress this enough.  There will be obstacles, twists and turns that are unexpected.  There will be people that will give their input.  Some of the information can set you back.  Other times, it will be the push you need to go on.  Try to keep a steady pace and keep going.

Until next time…


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Yep, I’m a Licensed Nail Technician! – Lenora Barbour – July 2016

Hello everybody!  What you’ve been up to?  Hope all is well!  It’s been a few months, but I’m so happy to be back.  Since the last time, there have been changes.  I’ve started my career as a licensed nail technician in Maryland.  So excited to share my nail polish line and now, manis and pedis.  Being a traveling nail technician will be my ultimate goal to provide nail care to the elderly.

So what does a nail technician do day to day?

A nail technician holds a responsibility…keeping the client’s nails and feet in top shape.  Such things as clipping, filing, massaging and polishing are some major things we do.  Since the majority of the time will be sitting, it is very important to get up and stretch after each service.  Great customer service skills and being friendly are very important as well.

We have to follow nail art trends and colors for each season. Then we can provide clients with the perfect look.  Also, being clean and organized makes the day goes smoothly.  Practice, practice and more practice is definitely a must as a nail tech.  I try to do it each day with different friends, family and myself.

I’m so excited about this new creative journey!  More to come everybody!


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Read about my new venture!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted in my blog and y’all deserve a reason.  And guess what?…I’ve got an exciting one to share.



I started the Nail Technician Program at Maryland Beauty Academy!  When I told a classmate about my blog…she suggested that I write about my learning experience.  So, that’s what I’m going to do. (Thank Susan!) My classmates are all different with unique circumstances,  but friendly.  We’ve been helping each other in this beauty journey by sharing about nail products and especially great sales!

The program covers a wide range of subjects such as Business, Chemistry and Anatomy.  I love learning and reading new things about this industry, so this is right up my alley.  Several local licensed nail techs have offered me some great help so far.

I got about 2 months to go until graduation.  In the meantime, I’ll share some great nail tips with everybody!

📢HERE’S A TIP!📣  Always ask new clients about chronic conditions BEFORE any mani or pedi service.  You could make a condition worse if you forget this.

Look for New Nail pics and info at

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Until next time!



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Maryland Business Feature – The Baltimore Therapy Center

Maryland Business Feature – The Baltimore Therapy Center 

Well, can you believe it? It’s 2016! Will you do anything differently? How about visiting new places? Or, maybe taking steps to improve your personal relationships? With that thought in mind, I’m so elated to introduce you to another business in Maryland. I met Raffi Bilek while looking for a business space to use for a class.

Mr. Bilek moved to Baltimore in 2014 to set up shop as a private practitioner. After a few years of acquiring the necessary things to become an independent licensed therapist, he was ready to offer his professional services to others. His focus is to continue to reach out to the community and improve lives by positive changes.

If you lived long enough, you will experience some serious issues. Some problems may be marital, difficult children or even dating concerns. But, one of the bigger issues is infidelity between couples. Raffi mentioned, ‘Many people have turned to me to help deal with the increasingly common cases of affairs.’ He notes that a relationship does not have to be over even if an affair has occurred. It can be saved if both parties are willing. I agree with him 100%.

Also, he feels that changing the world begins at home. He wants to share with his community that if families have less conflict and closer ties, children would want to create that same atmosphere in this huge world.

There is no doubt in my mind that this professional has a true passion for family growth and offering help to deal with stressors. His goal is to continue to grow his practice and develop a good reputation for making a true difference in people’s lives.

I have to admit that everyone I know have faced ups and downs with relationships. That’s why I’m so happy that The Baltimore Therapy Center is open for services. It’s convenient and has plenty of free parking.

Feel free to email or call Raffi Bilek today.  And while you’re visiting the website, check out the blog! Let him show you how to address relationship problems and make the proper changes…right now.

Contact Information:

Visit online

Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C
The Baltimore Therapy Center, LLC
443-598-BTC1 (2821)


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Maryland Business Feature – Organize Me Professionals – Theresa Carter

Maryland Business Feature – Organize Me Professionals – Theresa Carter

Hello everybody!  This past year, I have met so many creative entrepreneurs.  These goal getters are trying their very best to make a positive difference in Maryland.  So, without further a due…let me tell you about an up and coming business…Organize Me Professionals.  They offer organization services such as decluttering, staging, downsizing and coordination for homes and businesses.  This also includes time keeping and paper solutions within an office setting.

This company was born by a Baltimorean named Theresa, who I grew up with.  Her spark started as a teenager, when she volunteered to clean and organize the homes of the elderly.  Later on, she started organizing closets, packing items and putting various items away for different ones.  One day, a friend said, ‘You should make an income doing this.’  She did thorough research and started to make it happen in 2014.

When I asked what keeps her motivated, she mentioned, ‘I like the satisfaction in my work.  I go in, see a problem and put my stamp on it.  It’s nice knowing that I made it happen.’

Like many business owners, she wants to be a leader and be in control of the outcome of her company.  But of course, family is also a key component. Many family members play different roles to assist with her vision.

In the future, Theresa would love to attain contracts with business offices and apartment buildings.  From there, it will hopefully grow to a successful franchise business.

It was a pleasure interviewing this very creative young woman.  She had so many ideas and even offered my some tips too.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Organize Me Professionals with getting your things in perfect order!

Organize Me! Professionals

Phone (410) 484-3607

Email –




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Blogger Love From Peer Pressure Polish

Blogger Love from Peer Pressure Polish

We want to say thanks to all who have supported our 5-free, cruelty-free and vegan nail polish brand over the past year.  That especially includes the vast community of nail bloggers.

With that being said, Jennifer, who is a blogger for Peer Pressure Polish, was the first to write about our products. She mentioned, ‘I was really pleased with this polish,’ referring to our Purple Pride nail polish. It is a deep mysterious purple, with a hint of shimmer that gives tribute to the Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks for the blogger love!

Click the link below and read her fun blog…

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Fox 45 News Feature – Monday Makeover

On September 28, 2015, Lenora Nail Colors was proudly featured on Fox 45 Baltimore for the popular Monday Makeover feature.  

Being featured on local television was a little stressful, but everything fell into place.  I practiced day and night to get it right…because you only get one shot.  No retakes! But I have to say, it was a true privilege and an honor to take part in this.  Everyone was so nice and truly professional from the front desk to the reporter Candace Dodd…who picked our ‘Drinks on Me’ nail polish.  She said she love the colors, so we are sure she will love it!

Check out the link below to watch us for our first debut.  Also, professional nail tech, Crystal T. of Unitas Nails helped in the second feature sharing nail trends.

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Maryland Business Feature – Chic Couture Cakes – November 2015

couturecakesHello world!  Thanks so much for being patient, since it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written in my blog.  But now…I’M BACK!  This business feature is so exciting because I get a chance to meet business minded people who have positive goals.  That is one of the things that keep me going in my journey.

You will love this blog story if you love sweets! So, get ready to read this amazing story about a local business.

I met Sherron through her IG page of Chic Couture Cakes.  I was so amazed to see so many colorful and different  things she could bake for her customers.  She recalls, ‘For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love affair with cakes. My fondest childhood memories all center around cakes.’   Sherron loved baking with her grandmother so that she could lick the spoon and eat the sweet frosting.

This Marylander started her passion for baking in 2007 when she baked her very first Southern Red Velvet Cake. By 2009 custom fondant cakes were gaining popularity.  She and her husband at the time, watched the show “Ace of Cakes” which inspired them to attempt to create a custom fondant cake for his daughters’ 16th birthday.

When she was in college, she learned some great nail art techniques that helped her at that time.  Sherron is very artistically talented which makes it much easier to provide beautiful designs for her customers.  Five years later and hundreds of customs cakes and thousands of cupcakes later…she is still here!  She mentioned, ‘There were many times when I wanted to just quit.  But my sanity and passion to provide happiness to others through my creations keeps me going.’

This sole operator of the Chic Couture Cakes brand, is a single parent and currently works full time.  Her goal is to complete her baking and pastry arts degree at Stratford University.  Also, she wants to fulfill the dream of opening a custom cake storefront…I hope it’s in Maryland!

Check out her motto, “Sometimes you have to lose to win.”  I love that! Simple and true.

It was a pleasure meeting this young lady who is keeping her head up and moving forward in life.  She even offered me a little advice about networking with other fabulous local business owners!  We wish her much success.  I want everyone to try her lovely sweet desserts for your next special event!

Follow IG @chiccouturecakes

For Custom cakes and cupcake Inquiries

Email –

photo credit: Keisha (@2live2lovebrand)

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The Best Fall Nail Polish for 2015


Let’s Welcome the Best Nail Polish for Fall!

Hi everyone!  I’m hoping that everybody is having a nice week. Now that cooler weather is here, it’s time to change our fashion mind-set.  The runways were full of classic navy blues and cool grays.  And what about warm neutral colors?  These are far from boring!  Check out this list of perfect autumn nail polishes for this season.

  1. SunKissed by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – This shimmery copper shade has the right amount of warmth and spice for the crisp weather.
  1. It’s Navy Baby by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – A deep metallic navy blue that adds the perfect balance for those cool dark nights.
  1. Sand in my Pants by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – This pale creamy beige polish can smooth out any look. Tip: Add a super shiny topcoat to neutrals for the perfect pop for your skin tone.
  1. Baby Daddy by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – This smoky gray neutral makes it easy to compliment all skin tones. It adds the right amount of elegance to your mani for those chilly days.
  1. Flo to the Joe by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – I love this neutral brown polish so much. It’s a caramel brown polish that is in perfect harmony with the current season.
  1. T.D.H. (Tall, Dark and Handsome) by Lenora Nail Colors, 8.00 – If you love the smell and taste of chocolate cocoa, this is the best option for you. The earthy cocoa brown is very versatile for this time of year.

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‘5-Free’ Nail Polish…Why is it important?

Hello! Hola! Salut!  How are you doing?  Do you have any interesting things that are taking up your time?  Well, I can definitely say, we are steadily working to be an informative and fun blog spot for all our lacquer lovers.

If you love nail polish, I’m very sure you have heard of ‘3 free’, ‘4 free’ and ‘5 free’ formulas.  It’s a hot topic, so I wanted to write about it.

Lenora Nail Colors offer a unique and quality ‘5 free’ nail polish.  This means that it is free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

Stated below is basic information about these chemicals.

Formaldehyde is common in the chemical industry and has many different uses, including tissue preservation in medical labs and mortuaries.  It has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance).

Formaldehyde Resin is a synthetic substance used in the production of adhesives and paints.  It is a derivative or by-product of Formaldehyde.

Camphor is a flammable white substance that has a strong odor.  When inhaled in large doses, it can cause nausea and headaches.

Toluene is a clear colorless liquid used as a solvent and to make paint thinner, adhesives and nail polish.  Inhaling high levels over a period of time can cause brain damage or depression.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) is a commonly used plasticizer and allows nail polish to be flexible.  It is also used as an additive to adhesives, printing inks and shower curtains.

Of course, this is not an extended list of all the uses of these chemicals.  I wrote about this because many people wonder what it means and we love that our customers are informed.

At Lenora Nail Colors, we are committed to provide products that is safer and affordable to everyone.

Talk to you later!



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Maryland Business Feature – Battle Stage Plays – Ursula V. Battle – September 2015

Maryland Business Feature – Ursula V. Battle – Battle Stage Plays

Hello everyone and welcome back!  Being a business owner can take you on a very interesting journey.  Sometimes, you may need to take a break and laugh a little.

With that being said, I’ll introduce you to an amazing journalist and stage play writer, Ursula V. Battle. She is the CEO and Founder of Battle Stage Plays.  I met her because she wrote the beautiful article in The Baltimore Times about my company.

It all started when Ursula and her mother saw the play Beauty Shop.  Afterwards, her mom said, ‘You should write a play about educators, people need to see that.’  That was the inspiration behind the first highly acclaimed production in 2002, ‘The Teacher’s Lounge.’  Last year, actress and singer D’Atra Hicks headlined the popular production. This play has been performed many times over the years because people simply love it!   When you visit the website, check out other plays, such as For Better or Worse, Widows in the Hood and Dischord in The Choir.

Ms. Battle’s plays are drawing sell-out crowds.  She thanks God for her loyal supporters, and all that they do to spread the word about her productions.

Ursula is a lover of the Bible and is determined to use her productions to send positive and encouraging messages…with a little comedy of course. Her motivation comes from hearing the laughter, seeing the tears and hearing the words of inspiration.  Her favorite scripture is 2 Corinthians 5:7, which says, ‘walk by faith, not by sight.’  These words keep her focused on God and everything else falls into place.

Future goals for Battle Stage Plays include touring her stage plays nationally, and offering salaries and internships to aspiring performers and volunteers.

Ursula has been dubbed as the ‘Female Tyler Perry.’  Well, I think she has rightly earned it!  Let’s support Battle Stage Plays newest production, My Big Phat Ghetto Wedding in December 19th and 20th 2015!   If you can’t make it to the play, support the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to cover developmental costs to take these awe-inspiring plays on the road.

image for tickets and info

Phone – (443) 531-4787

Email –




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5 Nail Problems and 5 Easy Solutions

Hi everybody!  So good to be back!

Since we are a business that offers quality nail polish, many people ask me questions about nail care.  So, I’m happy to share with you 5 nail issues and the easy answers to have the best manicure.



1. Problem: Your cuticles and hands are dry and cracked all the time. What can you do to help this?

Solution: Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.  I personally apply natural products from Koche and Shea Butter to my hands, and especially my cuticles every night.  I find that raw, unbleached and organic types of  Shea Butter works the best.  It has many benefits for skin conditions, such as eczema, sunburn and dry skin.

  1. Problem: When you polish your nails, you see air bubbles on the nail.

Solution: Some people shake the bottle before use, which cause air bubbles in the bottle.  Instead, roll the bottle in between your palms, back and forth to prevent this problem.

  1. Problem: Your nail polish cap is stuck to the bottle. How can you open it?

Solution: Use a rubber band and wrap it around the cap to get a better grip to enjoy your polish.  I have done this personally and it really works.

  1. Problem: Your nails are splitting and breaking. What could be some of the reasons?

Solution: When filing your nails, only file in one direction. Filing back and forth can cause a jagged and weak nail edge.  Also, it could be a vitamin deficiency.  Talk to your physician.  (just a side note…I’m not a doctor.)

  1. Problem: Your nail polish always chip in 1-2 days. What can help?

Solution: Use a quality base coat, and apply a top coat with each manicure. Also, be sure to swipe the nail tip for added protection.  We offer a great 2 in 1 base coat in our collection that adds super shine to your nails.  I also love Sally Hansen top coat products as well.

So, that’s that!  I hope that were able to take something away from these tips to help your next manicure become healthier and drama free.  That is very important to us at Lenora Nail Colors.

Until next time,


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Maryland Business Feature – LaRhonda Leigh Mobile Shoe Boutique – August 2015

LaRhonda Leigh Shoe Mobile Boutique – Women’s  and Men’s shoes

imageWell, here we go again!  Sharing with the world about a local unique business. I haven’t met a female who doesn’t love quality cosmetics, nail polish and especially shoes. Personally, I love colorful flats or wedge heels to spice up my look.

With that in mind, I had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Leigh, Owner of a mobile shoe boutique in Maryland.  Phinesse Demps, a journalist at The Baltimore Times, mentioned her business to me.  She is a very well-spoken professional that comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

The beginning of the business started while she was recovering from a very serious car accident.  One of her cousins was visiting and said, ‘You need to get rid of these shoes, you should open a store.’  From that one statement, she got the ‘spark’ to move on with it.

LaRhonda started with only 3 pairs of shoes in her inventory!  (I laughed in amazment when she said that!)  She sold them out of her trunk, yard sales and to coworkers. Year by year, the business grew and she proudly took the business on the ‘road’ to events up and down the East Coast.

Her inspiration comes from a close knit family and young females that look up to her. Her goals are to continue to care for her parents and encourage young ones to make a true difference in their lives. Also, she would love to open a store front location one day.

If you ever get a chance to meet LaRhonda…you will not leave without a big hug!  And if you purchase a pair of her cool shoes, she guarantees you will ‘WALK AWAY HAPPY!’


Contact info 410 905-8646

imageIG – @larhondaleigh

FB – LaRhonda Leigh Mobile Shoe Boutique

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Maryland Business Feature – Twon Lyles – July 2015

Twon Lyles – NCEP Certified Personal Trainer

Hello to everyone again! It’s that time to introduce another unique small business.

Warmer weather pushes some to become more aware of body image  Sounds familiar?  Well, this is where Twon Lyles come into play.

Mr. Lyles got started 14 years ago in the body builder industry.  He mentioned that from a previous relationship and health issues of his mother, pushed him to focus on his self-esteem.

His motivation is found in changing people’s lives and helping them reach physical goals.  Twon mentioned, ‘Sometimes, I may have a bad day, but when my clients push through a session, it keeps me going.’

If you set up an appointment with Mr. Lyles, be prepared to give your absolute best and use your body to the fullest.  His professional goals includes branding himself, motivational speaking and opening a gym in the future.

If you can’t come out to him, don’t worry, he can flex his schedule and meet you at a desired location. Or, attend one of his Xtreme Abs classes every Tuesday at Reinvent U Boot Camps.

So, are you ready? Check out the contact info to whip your into shape!



Email –

IG – @twonlylesbeast

FB – Twon Lyles

Reinvent U Boot Camps

1501 Reistertown Rd, 2nd Floor, Pikesville, MD 21208

(443) 304-7099


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