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Get a Nail Tech for your next Event!

Hi everyone!

Hope that all of my blog supporters are enjoying the great weather.  This Spring has started off to be very busy for us. We had a wonderful time providing mini manicures at The Pink Event in Linthicum, Maryland.  We met so many entrepreneurs that gave us the push to keep going in building our brand.

Warmer weather means more celebrations of special events, corporate wellness, launch parties and employee appreciation.  Have you ever thought about treating your staff for a mani manicure day?  They will love it!  Also, assistant living, nursing homes and private residences are full of older ones who need safe manicure or pedicure services.  Why not get a professional nail technician to take care of this?

A professional nail service has several benefits.  It increases blood circulation, helps with skin dryness and is very relaxing.

Feel free to call Lenora Nail Colors today at (410) 599-6325 to schedule an appointment today.  (Baltimore and Baltimore County area)

Prices start at $65 per hour for special events.  3-4 mani manicures can be enjoyed per hour.  2 hours minimum to be book per event.


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