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5 Tips for Beautiful Nails

Hello to all!  As you know, nail care runs deep in my veins.  I love to share with my clients about safer products and the correct uses.  But first, we need to know the basics before we can achieve healthy feet and hands.

To get beautiful natural nails, follow these five easy tips.  

  1.  Use a less toxic nail polish.  Many polishes contain dangerous chemicals such as toluene and formaldehyde. But, some companies such as Lenora Nail Colors offer 5-free formulas as a safer alternative.  Please read the labels before buying any products for your nails.
  2. Drink plenty of water.  Water is good for so many things, including nails.  It can prevent brittleness and help with hydration.
  3. Moisturize several times a day, especially after hand washing.  Using hand sanitizer can be very drying to your skin and nails.  Before going to bed, I suggest applying cuticle oil on the nails and a heavy cream to keep your hands soft.
  4. Do not clip or pull on living skin.  This is so important.  I see clients that have gone to their local ‘chop shop’ and the skin is scarred, swollen and thick around the nail beds.  This could lead to dangerous infections and much pain.
  5. Take a break from nail polish.  Nail polish is still made with chemicals, so it wouldn’t hurt to skip enhancements or nail polish from time to time.  I personally love the buff to shine look for my nails.  You can see the condition of your fingernails and toenails and monitor any discoloration or disease.

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Smart Tips for your Small Business

Hello to everyone!  This month I wanted to share some business tips with other business owners that maybe starting out.  It can be a challenge to wear many hats as an owner of a small business.  You are the accountant, advertising manager, secretary and social media guru all wrapped up in one.  But, I want to list a few tips that can help you grow.

  1.  Be positive.  I personally know that this can be very tough at times.  You have to make decisions on a daily basis about your company.  Try to see the good…even through the bad times.  Keep climbing!
  2. Network with other businesses, friends and strangers.  I have received much business from talking to others about what I do and where I want to go.  You never know who will be your next loyal customer.
  3. Post on social media every single day.  My favorite is Instagram.  I can show pictures of my nail polishes, manicures, pedicures and happy customers.  It can show your personality and people can connect with your vision.
  4. Be original and stand out from your competition.  What makes your brand special?  Lenora Nail Colors is cruelty free and a vegan formula.  So, I had to let the world know!
  5. Be professional and friendly.  Rudeness and a bad attitude will hinder growth and business relationships.  You definitely don’t want a bad name, because the word will spread.

I’ll stop here for today.  Hope these five business tips can help you on your journey to success!

Until next time,


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