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Maryland Business Feature – Organize Me Professionals – Theresa Carter

Maryland Business Feature – Organize Me Professionals – Theresa Carter

Hello everybody!  This past year, I have met so many creative entrepreneurs.  These goal getters are trying their very best to make a positive difference in Maryland.  So, without further a due…let me tell you about an up and coming business…Organize Me Professionals.  They offer organization services such as decluttering, staging, downsizing and coordination for homes and businesses.  This also includes time keeping and paper solutions within an office setting.

This company was born by a Baltimorean named Theresa, who I grew up with.  Her spark started as a teenager, when she volunteered to clean and organize the homes of the elderly.  Later on, she started organizing closets, packing items and putting various items away for different ones.  One day, a friend said, ‘You should make an income doing this.’  She did thorough research and started to make it happen in 2014.

When I asked what keeps her motivated, she mentioned, ‘I like the satisfaction in my work.  I go in, see a problem and put my stamp on it.  It’s nice knowing that I made it happen.’

Like many business owners, she wants to be a leader and be in control of the outcome of her company.  But of course, family is also a key component. Many family members play different roles to assist with her vision.

In the future, Theresa would love to attain contracts with business offices and apartment buildings.  From there, it will hopefully grow to a successful franchise business.

It was a pleasure interviewing this very creative young woman.  She had so many ideas and even offered my some tips too.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Organize Me Professionals with getting your things in perfect order!

Organize Me! Professionals

Phone (410) 484-3607

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Blogger Love From Peer Pressure Polish

Blogger Love from Peer Pressure Polish

We want to say thanks to all who have supported our 5-free, cruelty-free and vegan nail polish brand over the past year.  That especially includes the vast community of nail bloggers.

With that being said, Jennifer, who is a blogger for Peer Pressure Polish, was the first to write about our products. She mentioned, ‘I was really pleased with this polish,’ referring to our Purple Pride nail polish. It is a deep mysterious purple, with a hint of shimmer that gives tribute to the Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks for the blogger love!

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