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Polish of the Month – Moody – June 2015

Polish of the Month – Moody 

Description: hologram microglitter nail polish, brown/gray base


Our ‘Moody’ polish came about about after many other names were considered in the collection. It’s the perfect fit because moody means unpredictable, changeable or frequent changes in mood. Staring at this radiant lacquer too long, will certainly confuse your vision.

When I’m in a weird mood, I tend to keep my distance from others.  Drinking some green tea, reading a good book or going for a drive serves as a calming effect.  Enough about me, let’s indulge in this color.

The best way to use ‘Moody’ is to apply a dark solid shade as the base coat. I suggest using our T.D.H., Power Suit or Baby Daddy.

Next, apply 2 coats of Moody for a multi-dimensional sparkly manicure.

I hope this was helpful to all who are interested in high quality micro-glitter nail polish.

Any comments or questions…feel free to ask me!

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Maryland Business Feature – Koche – June 2015

Koche – All-Natural, Handcrafted Hair & Skin Care

imageHello! Hope all is well and that everyone is having a good week so far. Today, I’m sharing exclusive information about a company named Koche.  I started following them on IG earlier this year.  As a side note…this business owner was my very first online customer!

This brand was born because of a mother’s quest to find a natural skin solution for her son.  Koche specializes in all-natural hair and skin products.  Organic soaps, curl puddings, lotions and sugar scrubs are just some of the beautifully handmade products offered.  This fact is very important to me because my skin is very sensitive.

I personally use several of the products and very pleased with them.  The ‘Pure’ lotion is my absolute favorite. It’s hypo-allergenic and steroid free.  It’s part of my nightly routine, with a little shea butter, to keep my skin and cuticles in tip top shape.  Moisture is a very important key to beautiful and healthy skin…and Koche can help us on that journey!

You have to try some today!  Visit Koche online now to see the entire collection. 


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