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Easy Ways to Use Glitter Nail Polish

Hello world!  Welcome back! Many women have asked me, ‘What is the best way to apply glitter nail polish? It’s a good topic to blog about.  I’m going to show some simple ways of what I have done, to get a glitzy mani, using my collection.

Basil Wasil

Description: small silver confetti in a sheer base

  1. Apply a base coat to nails.
  2. I used 3 coats of glitter as an accent on the ring finger for a jeweled effect.
  3. Apply a fun solid color such as our ‘Drinks on Me’ (creme berry pink) 2 coats
  4. Apply a top coat for super shine and protection.



Ready, Set, Gold

Description: chunky gold glitter in a sheer base

  1. Apply a base coat to nails.
  2. Apply a nude or neutral as the base color.  Try our ‘Sand in my Pants,’ or ‘Flo to the Joe.’ I used 2 coats of our ‘T.D.H’ (tall, dark and handsome:-)
  3. I applied the the glitter to the tip of nail and stroked the brush down for a gradient effect.
  4. Finish with a glossy top coat for protection. goldglit-1024image

Well, there you have it! Do you think you can handle these tips for your next mani or pedi?  Of course!

Thank you and please come again to visit us for the next topic!


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Embrace Spring Fashion Trends – 2015

Yes! Spring is here everybody!  What do you connect with springtime?  Some of the things I enjoy this time of year is warmer weather.   Also, exploring current bright colors and low-cost looks for my closet can add a pop of ‘spring’ to any ensemble.  Let’s review some Spring Fashion Trends that are in right now!

A cool look for Spring 2015 is the kimono. I bought 2 floral print tops about 5 years ago. These robe-like tops are so comfy and can go from the office to a nice dinner seamlessly.

Remember, affordable accessories, such as scarves can bring your look to life.  You can knot, drape or tie it up for a unique look.  Wear it around your neck, as a belt or jazz up a boring purse. 

Lastly, LOVE DENIM!  Celebrities are rocking denim these days.  Have fun and search for some new or used jeans, dresses and jumpers and you can’t go wrong.  Try wearing some chic flats or high-heels to add some glam to indigo blue.  Check out this local fashionista, Unae Johnson, with this fun denim Summer dress!  Don’t you love it?


Now, you have been informed of some fun and easy fashion ways to connect with Spring!  Have fun and don’t forget to love color, fashion and nail polish…such as our ‘Morning Mimosas.’

Until next time,




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Maryland Business Feature – Image By Alex G. – May 2015

Image by Alex G. – Beauty/Fashion Expert and Photography

Welcome back everyone!  Some of you may know that Baltimore has been in the media lately.  But, I’m determined to continue to share some positive things about Maryland.  So, let’s get to it!

As promised, I have another exciting small business to feature. I came across Alexandra and her company via IG. Her goal is for every woman to accept their individuality through makeup tips, styling trends and photography.  What I find to be so special, is that she is a self-taught professional.

Her website is very interesting, easy to understand with a fun layout.  It includes beauty, lifestyle, fashion and photography sections.  Alex uses any outlet to acquire current and fresh techniques.  In turn, she quickly shares these topics with her clients and social media family.  I had the pleasure of meeting her personally, and guess what?  She had some great tips for me too! Lol!

When you need to look your best, she is available for any special occasion, including runway modeling.  Also, you can schedule a personal consultation to refine your entire image.  If you connect with Alexandra, you will definitely see that this local fashionista loves to spread confidence to others. image

IG @imagebyalex

FB image by Alex G

(Image credit – imagebyalexg)

Last, but not least, several local businesses with Lenora Nail Colors will join and do a special give away!  Stay tuned for details and how to be a winner!


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News Press Feature in

Lenora Nail Colors is very happy to share with you our feature in the very popular  This website features countless articles about entrepreneurs, business and current statistics. Check it out below in the link or view images below.


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