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Nail Polish Review – Hard Candy – Pop-arazzi – 4/2015

I’m back everybody!  Tonight, I’m blogging about a fun nail polish I picked up at Walmart.

Polish Name – Hard Candy, Pop-arazzi

Description – a multicolored confetti finish with a clear base coat

First, I prefer using a solid color with using a textured or glitter finish.  2 coats of ‘Power Suit’, a super glossy black nail polish by Lenora Nail Colors was perfect.

Second, I applied Pop-arazzi as an accent. The application was quite easy and the formula wasn’t gooey.  The smell was a little stronger than I’m used too. (But, as we know…use nail polish in a ventilated area)

All in all, I’m quite happy with this confetti nail polish. It reminds me of colorful party decorations!  Check out my photo below of this simple and elegant look.  What do you think?


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Polish of the Month – Sweet Peaches – April 2015

Polish of the Month – Sweet Peaches – April 2015

Hello everyone!  I’m working on writing more information for my blog. When things get out of place, I have to remind myself that everything in life needs the proper attention.

Polish Name: Lenora Nail Colors, SWEET PEACHES

Description: a fun, bright and shimmery peach nail polish

It has a special place in my heart because my Mom named this one.  She loves peaches so much that she planted a peach tree in her back yard. The tree is so huge, that the limbs are close to the ground because of the weight of the peaches.

Now that the days are warming up, more lacquer lovers have purchased SWEET PEACHES for their collection.

For best results, use 2-3 coats for your sweet manicured look.  Don’t forget to use our 2 in 1 top/base coat for needed protection and shine.

Thank you!


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Maryland Business Feature – BeMoShe – April 2015

BeMoShe – Children’s Clothing

Hello world!  It’s that time again…business of the month!  I follow so many great small stores on IG, FB and Twitter.  It’s a great way to show products and network worldwide.

Today, I’m pleased to blog about a children’s clothing store called BeMoShe. We don’t have little ones in the family at the moment, but it’s so fun to watch the trends.  Let me tell y’all a little about them.

Moses and his wife were inspired to get into children’s apparel when their son was born.  These parents have a great sense of style, which you can see in the lively collectiom.  As creative director of BeMoShe, Moses uses his unique artistic skills from working in several huge east coast cities.   Every distinct design you see, is personally screen printed  by this hardworking duo.

It’s very crucial to them that every single item, is as special as a the little one wearing it.

I love what they are doing to keep our young ones looking fresh…does anyone still use the word ‘fresh’ anymore?



Follow BeMoShe on IG, Shop Etsy (image credit-BeMoShe)

Go Shop at –

Email –


Until next time!



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Shocking Sale this Month! Celebrating National Mani/Pedi Day!

Did you know that National Mani/Pedi day is April 25, 2015?  To celebrate, we are having a sale this month of $5.00 per bottle. 

Lenora Nail Colors feel privileged to be a part of this huge lacquer loving world.  When people get a manicure or pedicure, they usually proud.  It’s a creative way of expressing yourself with a little bling or some bold colors.

Big thanks to all the nail salons and technicians who work so hard everyday to make us beautiful.  You are a great inspiration to Lenora Nail Colors and April 25th is your day!

Do you have a favorite nail tech, salon or spa that you truly appreciate?  Let them know via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a phone call.

Sale starts soon!

Until next time!


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