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Launch Party of Lenora Nail Colors

Hello people!  I’m very happy to get back to blogging this week. I have to share with you some highlights of our highly anticipated launch party last Sunday. We invited people I’ve known all my life and others I’ve met along the way in this new venture.

First, people had time to interact and 30 minutes in, I introduced the brand. Everybody got a chance to win our exclusive ‘Purple Pride’ nail polish. Then, I had a secret gift to present to all my special guests…Michael Jackson…well sorta. He arrived ready to perform and got the crowd and I singing the night away.  It was so hard to keep this  a secret.

After photos, everyone was invited to get close and personal with the collection and ask questions. I felt like a proud mama sharing fun information about my 30 colorful babies!  All in all, it was a great time.

Special thanks to my Mom, sisters and cousin for helping at the launch.

Also, thanks to Matt Macis for the unforgettable performance and JPerkProductions for the nice photography.

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Until next time…



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Maryland Business Feature – Wire and Honey – March 2015

Wire and Honey – Children Clothing

Hi everybody! This week has been a little busy, and I’m trying to get back on track.  I’ve met several business owners over the past weekend.  I will blog about them and what they do in the following months.

But today, I’m excited to blog about a company that I’ve been faithfully following on IG, Wire and Honey!

After their son was born, Steve and Rah, a married couple faced a unique problem.  Their search for stylish and hip clothing wasn’t very successful.  So they worked very closely and created a brand of trendy clothes just for little ones.  As Charm City residents, it wasn’t very difficult to find great inspiration through culture and music.  And if you’ve seen the cool apparel that this company offers, fashion trends are definitely at the top of the list.

Wire and Honey proudly gives back to the Baltimore community, has a fun blog page and offers discounts to customers.

If you want urban clothing for the special children in your life, you have to check out their online store soon!

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Until next time!



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Polish of the Month – Flo to the Joe – March 2015

Polish of the Month – Flo to the Joe – creme beige neutral 


As promised, I’m blogging about every special polish in the collection. The name of this warm neutral polish came from my younger sister, Florence.  She loves coffee and everything about it. Her fridge has a variety of flavorful creamers.  And as some may know, ‘Joe’ is another word for coffee, and ‘Flo’ is my sister’s nickname.  So, this creamy beige polish seemed to go well as ‘Flo to the Joe’.Neutral-hand-image

In the nail fashion world, rich hues of trendy nude lacquers are simply timeless.  Some people may shy away from these because they feel a nude look would be a weird manicure choice.  I don’t think that choosing the best shade for your skin tone is too difficult. It actually can serve as a beautiful compliment.

Lenora Nail Colors offers premier neutral polish to our lacquer lovers. Above, I’m wearing 4 of these glossy polishes.

From L to R – Sand in my Pants, Flo to the Joe, T.D.H. (tall , dark and handsome) and Baby Daddy.

Do you have a favorite?


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